Safety and security begins at the entrance of every structure. To maintain a safety environment, establishments must consider putting a stringent attention to their entrance or port of entry. Utopia Security and Safety Solutions is not only providing regular guard posting but also Utopia is also providing security turnstile. Turnstile is a form of gate which allows one person to enter one at a time in a timely manner. Thus, It can be used as a one-way traffic which can definitely manage the crowd control in a certain establishment, another is it can restrict passage only to those legitimate employees who have an access control card. Furthermore, turnstile provides an enormous contribution to bolster the overall security of an establishment such as stadiums, amusement parks, mass transit stations, office lobbies, airports, Condominiums, factories, power plants, hotel and casinos.

Utopia Security is a provider of a quality, reliable, durable and high-tech turnstile in the country. Hence, we have a separate team which is consisted of IT programmers, turnstile technicians and operators who are an expert in this particular field. Utopia and our business partners from the country of China are importing and installing high-quality and top of the line turnstile.