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Utopia Protective and Detective Agency (UPDA) is a sister company of the reputable security agency, namely, Utopia Security and Safety Solutions Inc (USSSI). Hence, UPDA was built to serve various executive personnel who are in need of close-in security to protect them from imminent danger. In the present climate, different crimes such as kidnap for ransom, murder, homicide, robbery, theft, carnapping are being experienced not only in the Philippines but also in other nations. Crimes are not only felt by the populace in the community, these are also encountered mostly by those people who are on the executive level of a company.

Utopia has been in the VIP security industry since 2012. Subsequently, UPDA has acquired its license to operate (LTO) in the year of 2016, three years before the Supervisory Office for Security and Investigation Agencies (SOSIA) mandated all Protection Agent (PA) providers to formally register their agencies at the Philippine National Police, Civil Security Group, in accordance with the provisions of Republic Act 5487 entitled “Private Security Agency Law”, as amended by Presidential Decree Number 11,100 and 1919.

UPDA has been deploying a quality and skillful Protection Agent who had undergone a legitimate training. Most of our PAs have had military experience from various sectors such as in Marines, Airforce, Navy, and Army. In addition, UPDA has its own quality control department which is responsible for the continuous training programs of our personnel.

Utopia VIP Training